Time to see what’s Pozible


photo (C) Brian Rosenberg of A Lizard’s View

To business – I quietly launched a crowdfunding campaign a couple of days ago to raise money to record my debut album ‘ultraviolet’.

It’s a pretty exciting project, as I’ve opted to collaborate with some of the people I care most about, bringing together 5 members of 3 different musical families for the first time, with my sister Holly on double bass, Graham McLeod on electric guitar and Holl’s partner Chris Stone on violin, who together form instrumental art-folk trio The String Contingent, with Chris’ brother Robin of metal outfit Norse on drums.

My thought is that the result will be a genre-bending extravaganza that will trip the boundaries between chamber pop, metal and the experimental margins of folk. Amazing!

The five of us will be writing the instrumental parts in early November, while Holly, Chris and Graham are not otherwise engaged with TSC shenanigans. Recording will follow over summer, while mixing will be provided by the wonderful Dax Liniere of Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, who also provided mixing and post-production on my EP.

I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed at just how well the campaign is going already, though there’s a way to go yet.  It certainly bodes well for the rest!

Meanwhile, Melbourne’s Fringe Festival kicks off this week, where I’ll be putting the songs through their final paces before recording.  Exciting times!

– reading The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton
– listening to Compassion, Symphony of Song by Nigel Westlake + Lior
– musing on the psychotic horror that leads people to seek refuge and the sleights of hand that lead some people to offer it.

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