Recording done!


Happy 2016!  A very brief update to say:

a) a massive thank you to those of you who dug deep to support me in my Pozible campaign!  Thanks to you, I not only managed to reach my target, but to exceed it by a very healthy margin.  Here’s a dove sending some peace vibes your way:

b) Great success!  In any case, over the last three months I’ve spent the majority of the resultant swag, working with a range of collaborators, including drummer Robin Stone and the wonderful members of instrumental art-folk trio, The String Contingent – my (darling) sister Holly Downes (double bass), her hirsute partner Chris Stone (violin) and their Hibernian friend Graham McLeod (electric guitar).  I worked with the latter over an intensive four day period to get their parts written, which culminated in an impromptu recital to a choice selection of neighbours:

Then we recorded everything in another four days.  Amazing.

c) Final stage: I spent the first week of January sitting at my Mum’s place outside Sydney listening to the rain come down and writing backing vocals, before getting together last week with the inestimable Brian Campeau at The Plex studio in my former haunt of St Peters to lay down the vocals.  Here’s Brian modelling mid-recording snacks:

File 31-01-2016, 12 49 49
Gross.  I was lucky enough to also have some ace guests come and sing the aforementioned BVs – Brian did a bit, Sydney chantreuse Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas) lent her lungs to one song, while Shalane Connors of alt-folk duo Siskin River provided the lush backing vocals on five more.  I’m feeling really lucky about the last – her voice has given everything a warm glow.

And… that’s how you record an album!  Job done.  Or job begun – I dropped off the tracks to be mixed by the safe hands of Dax Liniere of Puzzle Factory Sound Studios in Canberra on my way back down to Melbourne, where you currently find me reclining.

Am in the process of organising some gigs that will be revealed at the appropriate moment – in the meantime:



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