Look to Windward…

Hi friends and music lovers,

It’s been a while!  2018 has been an incredible year thus far with gigs, collaborations and the odd festival appearance thrown in the mix – thanks Ksenia Sedelnikova for the wonderful photo above of Holly Downes and myself performing recently at the National Folk Festival.

In between gigs I’ve expanded my band lineup, with Loz Irwin-Ray (double bass) and Madeleine Novarina (alto saxophone) joining Josh Kreusler (electric guitar) and Jack Towers (drumkit).  Together, we look something like this:

We recently took over a suburban lounge room in Ivanhoe, Melbourne and put together a live take of a new song of mine, ‘Look to Windward‘.  Press play!  Enjoy!

Big thanks to Rowan behind the camera, Ksenia for assisting, Jules on sound and Olga, Roger, Ksenia and Kristina for letting us use their lounge room!

I’m looking to record this song along with a dozen or more of its friends in the middle of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Anyway – thanks for your support and hope to see you at a gig soon!


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