It’s time to spin ‘The Wheel’!

OK so, where to start.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, this won’t come as much as a surprise.  For the rest of you, the big news is that my second album, ‘The Wheel’, is in the middle of being recorded and coming together quite nicely thankyouverymuch.

I spent a great few days at Echidna Studios in the semi-rural hinterland north east of Melbourne recording the instrumental beds with my band and sound engineer Mischa Herman in early July.  I got to play a sweet Yamaha!  It was awesome!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Josh (guitar), Loz (double bass), Jack (drums), we got a huge amount done in a very short period of time, plus had a wonderful time in the process.  Here we are celebrating a job well done:

Mischa and I then ensconced ourselves at a studio space in Brunswick to record Maddy (sax) and Jess (oboe and cor anglais).  And vocals!  We did those as well.  We’re now in the final stages of tracking, with just a few backing vocals left to record, and I feel pretty confident in saying that ‘The Wheel’ is shaping up to be the best thing I’ve made – thanks in no small part to the efforts of the folks I’ve just mentioned.

I’m going to need some help to get it finished however! That’s why I’m going to be running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign over the coming month to help cover part of the cost of making it.

By making a pledge, you’ll both secure your copy of ‘The Wheel’ months in advance, but also have the opportunity to share in some fun rewards such as a limited edition vinyl LP, the chance to have me cover your favourite song, have your name in the album credits, or help me organise some fun guerrilla gigs.

I’ll also share demos, alternative lyrics and some songs that may not make the final cut with you as Mischa and I shape the album into its final form.  You can check out what we’ve been up to and find more information here.

To wrap things up, I’ll be performing an ‘end of campaign’ gig:

13th September 7.30pm @ The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford with Mel Taylor and Brian Campeau

This will also be my last Australian gig for 2018, so it would be wonderful to see you at one of them!

Anyway – thanks for your support and I hope you like ‘The Wheel‘!


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