baby, it’s cold outside

Been a while!  Has been a full-on year thus far, filled with upheaval, turmoil and tumult.  Without going into more detail than necessary, I find myself staying in Melbourne at present, enjoying all the perks of readily available 24-hour ramen, cold-filtered coffee and Antarctic winds that the city can provide.  Hell, Melbourne itself wasn’t cold enough for me, so I ended up finding myself a job on Phillip Island, teaching piano to penguins.  Fun times.

Random bits and pieces:

Paul Cosgrove of Radio Blue Mountains put together a rather lovely review of at the end…  Paul, flattery will get you everywhere!

My buddy Tony (who incidentally performs as New$hoes) put this together:

Oliver Downes - New$hoes
Some fun gigs have happened over the last few months both in Sydney and Melbourne – and there’s some more good ones in the works, most immediately on Monday 3rd August at The Retreat in Brunswick where I’ll be going set for a set with folk songstress Mandy Connell.  I’ll also be making a couple of appearances at Coburg’s Woodlands Hotel on the 16th and 23rd.  Shall list further gigs over on the events page as they materialise… Including a VERY exciting run of shows in September which I can’t announce yet.

Lastly, go read this.  All makes the incomprehensible crystal clear.

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