2014 so long!

Some exciting things have been afoot! Most importantly, summer’s struck, necessitating the opening of the household Adventure Time advent calendar enjoying a daily dose of semi-fossilised chocolate. Sides from that important matter, gigs have been played, songs have been started and SOME have even been FINISHED.

My final gig for the year will be in support of my good friends Nic Cassey and the fine folks of world-jazz quintet, Takadimi, for their joint album fundraiser / end of year party on Saturday 13th. Should be a great night, featuring some brand new songs from yours truly!

Chris Evans, host of ‘The Curve Ball‘ on UK Radio and an early champion of at the end, has included the EP on his ‘Best of 2014’ list – listen to the full show here, which includes some amazing music generally, as well as possibly the nicest compliment anyone’s ever given me, saying of ‘Keep Calm, Carry On’, “[this is] probably the best song I’ve ever heard and it’s named after an internet meme”. THANKS CHRIS!

I joined Paul Cosgrove of Blue Mountains FM 89.1 recently to chat about the EP and music making in the mountains. Paul most generously featured the EP on his show ‘Music From My Collection’ on Monday the 8th December, describing the music as being like “Leonard Cohen meets Philip Glass”.  Cheers Paul!

Finally – in a shameless bid to capitalise on the excesses of the silly season, I’ll be selling physical copies of ‘at the end’ postage free through Bandcamp until Christmas Day. For those who are more digitally inclined, ‘at the end’ is now available from itunes!  Woot!



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